About Us

INTERYARN is the latest state of the art compact spinning mill in Egypt exclusively for the production of an exceptional top quality fine and superfine compact yarns from counts Ne 40 up to 140 single/plied relying on the precious and historical Egyptian Giza cotton known as "The White Gold" equipped with the most up to date Swiss, Italian and German compact spinning technology and automation using a TQM-Total quality management system with highly qualified and trained engineers with an eye on quality enabling us to deliver uncompromised quality yarn, securing compact yarn supplies to the world's top selective weavers and knitters.

The production line is crowned with the innovative RIETER K46 compact spinning frames linked with the unique technology of SAVIO POLAR I-DLS automatic winders , LTG controlled air cleanliness, SOHLER automatic material transport, LOPTEX foreign Matter/PP detectors and LOEPFE electronic yarn clearers ensuring the lowest possible contamination thus keeping us on the high end of the modern compact spinning.


Our Contributors